Next Tourist Destination to Become Outer Space

A space hotel built by the Russians in 2016 may be a possibility. It would be built by a commercial firm and would be a space station with an orbit about 350 km above the Earth. It would be pretty exclusive with only seven passengers living in capsules. To get their two-day trip they would [...]


Carnival of Space 273

Lots of varied articles this week including black holes, nuclear rockets, beam propulsion and quasars. One of the lowest mass black holes ever observed in the middle of a galaxy has been identified. By the Chandra Blog. Who would sign up for a 40-year journey, especially if it turned out to be a one-way trip? Thoughts [...]


Carnival of Space 181

Lots of links from astronomy and space blogs including a little science.


A Good Year for Japan’s Space Program

Japan has not put a lot of money into their space program but it has nevertheless come up with some good results. JAXA (Japan’s space agency) has had a few firsts including the return of a probe to pick up some dust from an asteroid after a seven-year round-trip. This mission called Hayabusa, which means [...]


Could This be the Start of a New Space Shuttle?

All is not lost for the space shuttle idea. Richard Branson is thinking big again and along with orbital sciences Corp, Sierra Nevada Corp and some others they may build a reusable taxi to space just like the space shuttle. NASA will find $200 million to help with the development. When the last shuttle goes [...]


Supernova Explosions Aren’t Quite What We Thought

Supernovas are exploding stars which, depending on their type explode in different ways and for different reasons. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on the way you look at it new evidence has been found that these theories aren’t quite right. An instrument called the solar mass ejector imager has given extra information. Data from the imager, [...]


Identifying Exoplanets by Their Dust Tails

Are we losing the Sahara to space? No, is the simple answer to that. The Earth has a trail of dust behind it but the dust is interstellar dust which is already present in the solar system. This interplanetary dust comes from the fragments of comets and asteroids that have collided. As the Earth travels [...]


An Asteroid to Look Out For…

Asteroids and comets are flying around our solar system in all sorts of orbits and it’s only a matter of time until they hit the earth although there is rather a large amount of space that they can fly in compared to mass of the planets that they could hit. The ones that are close [...]


Latest Update on Exoplanets Lecture (July 2010)

The latest on the search for planets in other planetary systems. .


Take a Peek inside the Space Shuttle after Landing

Ever wondered what happened after a space shuttle landing? NASA have released a video (below) which shows the winding down of the shuttle and the tow back to its hangar. After landing it takes 150 workers to pull the crew out and to carry out the necessary checks and procedures. Shuttle Atlantis will be ready [...]


Newton’s Apple Falls Upwards.

The tree that prompted the discovery of gravity is being taken into space aboard space shuttle Atlantis next week. Of course, this is the tree that the Apple dropped out of and gave Newton a rather large bruise on his head and of course his idea about gravity. It’s a pity, but they’re not taking [...]


Solar System Creation In a 10 Minute Read.

Wouldn’t it be good to know how you got here? Well unfortunately the answer to that is unknown. It has been thought about for a long, long time and one day we will probably know the answer. What we do have good idea about though is how the solar system formed. Throughout the galaxy gigantic [...]


Best of the Week Podcast-Giant Ribbon at the Edge of the Solar System: Mystery Solved?

Last year, when NASA’s IBEX (Interstellar Boundary Explorer) spacecraft discovered a giant ribbon at the edge of the solar system, researchers were mystified. They called it a “shocking result” and puzzled over its origin. Now the mystery may have been solved. [podcast] ribbon.mp3[/podcast]


Best of the Week Podcast- A Man, A Planet and Loads of Controversy

ENCORE While the Kepler spacecraft hunts for habitable planets beyond the solar system, we’ve let one of our own planets slip away! Find out why Pluto’s demotion to dwarf status created a public uproar as astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson reads us his hate mail. From third-graders! Also, how we might find Earth-like planets… the possibility [...]


Terraforming the Solar System, Let’s Start Our Holiday Home!

Have you ever worried about global warming? Have you ever got fed up with your mundane existence and wanted adventure? Have you ever been curious? If some of these apply to you then perhaps you should terraform another planet. There is a problem with that solution though, it’s quite a large undertaking for an individual. [...]


Best of the Week podcast- Kuiper Belt at a Childs Level.

What is the Kuiper Belt? by Susan, Amanda & Kevin Murph. Susan Murph from the How to Grow Your Geek Podcast and her children Amanda and Kevin discuss Pluto and the Kuiper Belt. [podcast] belt.mp3[/podcast]


Best of the Week Podcast-Everything to Do with the Preparation and Launch of a Space Vehicle

This is all about the preparations for launch of a space vehicle. It is mainly about the space shuttle, but covers lots of questions that you may have about why they stop and start all the time and what actually goes on. Why do they say that and why do they do this, you will [...]


Best Of The Week Podcast- Will Large Engineering Jobs Ever Occur?

The search for astro-engineering by SETI and others. Will these massive engineering projects seen in modern Si-Fi one day become a reality? [podcast] engineering.mp3[/podcast] Join the forum discussion on this post – (1) Posts


Best Of The Week- The Guiding North Star Podcast

Everything you need to know about the North star. No, it’s not as boring as it sounds! Be a north star expert. [podcast] star.mp3[/podcast] By slacker Astronomy


Carnival Of Space #123

Normally I write an article on physics or space but sometimes I will be going through a few links of a few blogs that are quite good for all sorts of things about space and physics. This is called a carnival and if you look on the Internet you’ll find a lot of other links [...]

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