The Plan for the Search for Life on Mars

Scientists have been meeting to talk about the prospects of finding life on Mars. Questions still linger positively or negatively about whether life exists on Mars because the right instruments haven’t been available. The instruments needed are being developed now and  are being refined for future missions. The main challenge is to get them on [...]


5 New Projects to Look for Alien Life

Five new projects have been announced by the NASA astrobiology science and technology for exploring planets program (ASTEP). ASTEP promotes the search for life on other planets and supports research and exploration of the Earth’s most remote places. New technology is used by ASTEP to seek, identify and characterise life that exists or did exist [...]


Fractures Found on Mars May Indicate Life

Deep fractures have been found around the giant Isidis impact basin on Mars. This area called NiliFossae is of interest to scientists because telescopes on Earth measured an increase in methane in Mars’s atmosphere over this area. This could mean life or it could be geological. Some of these incisions are up to 500 m [...]


Carnival of Space 181

Lots of links from astronomy and space blogs including a little science.


Cassini May Have Spotted an Ice Volcano on Titan

Cassini may have spotted a cryovolcano on Titan. it has been found in a region called the Sotra Facula. The craters, peaks and fingerlike flows are very good indicators that this is a cryovolcanism. The picture has been exaggerated and filled in with false colours for clarity.this is good news for the search for life [...]


Arsenic Life Found.

There were some wild speculations a week ago when NASA implied that they may have found some form of life. Everyone thought that this was finally it, alien life had been found. It was, unfortunately, one jump too far but the news of the discovery of an arsenic microbe is still good news. It has [...]


Detecting Volcanoes on Exoplanets

Volcanoes can be an indication of a planet that can support life. There are studies that show that lightning together with the chemicals volcanoes produce may have provided the spark that produced life on early Earth. This experiment called the Miller-Urey experiment has been shown to students for years from 1953 to mimic the chemical [...]


A Good Chance of Life on Mars

This is a good lecture on why there’s a 1 in 4 chance of life (in Penelope’ Bostons opinion anyway) under the surface on Mars.


Is Human Colonisation of Europa Possible?

Europa is a fascinating place. Once it was believed that Jupiter’s moons were just lumps of ice and rock. But missions to Jupiter showed us that there is more to Jupiter’s moons than we thought. This moon has become much more interesting the more it is explored. The furthest we have got nowadays is to [...]


Where Should We Look for Alien Artefacts?

There is a problem with our approach at the moment when looking for alien civilisations. SETI looks for signals that are sent by the electromagnetic spectrum and their are a lot of frequencies to search. If you pair this with the size of the universe you can see how SETI is really looking for a [...]


Viking’s Search For Life on Mars Leaves Echos

The first mission to Mars that was to make a successful landing consisted of Viking 1 and Viking 2. It was an exciting mission with the orbiter picking landing spots for the lander to make a landing. Both spacecraft launched in 1975. They both made a successful landing and have lasted for about six years [...]


How Did Those First Organic Molecules Get to Earth?

How did life start? You would be talking to a Nobel prize winner if I could tell you that. Unfortunately nobody knows. There are a few theories around and a few advances have been made in this field but I will talk about the one that is most widely accepted in scientific circles. The starting [...]


Good Evidence for Life on Saturn’s Moon Titan

The Cassini spacecraft has noticed on Titan, Saturn’s moon, that hydrogen molecules flow down through the atmosphere and disappear when they reach the surface (Icarus Journal). Also the hydrocarbons on the surface of Titan have been mapped and show that there is a lack of acetylne (Journal of geophysical research). The lack of acetylne could [...]


A Debate on the Existence of Intelligent Life

The great debate is held at Berkley university and this one is on SETI, it’s worth a listen. SETI debate


Evidence Builds up for Life in Europa’s Ocean

Europa is one of my favourite moons around Jupiter as it keeps throwing up little titbits of what could be underneath that icy surface. Underneath the thin layer of ice that encompasses Europa there is speculated to be a 100 km deep ocean. This would be ice if it wasn’t for the tidal forces of [...]


Mars Science Laboratory Arrival Date Set

The Mars science laboratory is set to go to Mars between November 25 and December 18, 2011 which will mean that it lands on Mars in August 2012. Curiosity, as the Mars science laboratory is known, could get their a bit sooner but it all depends on alignments and communication. For maximum information on landing [...]


Take a trip to Titan with Cassini Huygens

The solar system may seem a barren place when it comes to life or anything similar. Obviously we are here on our lovely planet so that statement is not true. The other planets don’t seem likely to harbour life except perhaps Mars, but the life there if there is any, is not obvious as we [...]


Ways That We Will Avoid Death

Doesn’t death hack you off sometimes? What point has it got? It must be a joke, surely? We all know that it happens and unless you believe in something it does and that’s it. But what is death? Well I suppose the easy answer is that it’s when you die.  I think I  may get [...]


Where Are All The Civilisations?

What is going on? Where are they all? Are they here? Too many questions and literally too little time. It just seems so really boring that we can be the only ones in this universe. Time is definitely a massive problem when looking for somebody alien to chat to. Does it matter that there are [...]