New Images of the Universe from the Spitzer Telescope

(Please wait while the images load it’s well worth it!) The Spitzer space telescope’s infrared array camera (IRAC) has been looking at the solar system right out to the most distant reaches of the universe. NASA is releasing a gallery of the 10 best IRAC images to celebrate this milestone The new images will highlight [...]


Hubble Celebrates One Complete Orbit of Neptune around the Sun

Neptune  was discovered 165 years ago. In that time it has made one complete orbit of the Sun and is now in exactly the same place as when it was discovered all those years ago. The Hubble space telescope has taken anniversary pictures to celebrate this event. Neptune, as you probably know if you paid [...]


Satellites Monitor The Japanese Devastation

Satellite imaging of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on March 11 has been invaluable in giving a clear picture of the extent of the devastation and will help in the relief effort.What is called the International Charter ” space and major disasters” was called up by the Japanese government on the same [...]


Far Side of the Moon Imaged by the LRO

The moons far side has been imaged in extreme detail by the lunar reconnaissance orbiter (LRO). A mosaic is being made of the moon by the LRO and this image is one of many building up into a map providing a global view of the moon to a resolution of 100 m per pixel. (Click on [...]


Mars Express Gives New Images & Video of Martian Moon Phobos

The European Space Agency has released close-up portraits of Mars’s moon Phobos, taken as the ESA Mars Express spacecraft flew within 60 miles of it. The images show a load of mysterious grooves etched into Phobos’ surface and resolve features as small as 17 yards across. The images show in detail the currently planned landing [...]


Black Holes Grew Earlier and Faster Than Predicted

A paper that is about to be published from the Tel Aviv University will show that the most massive black holes were  growing when the universe was about 1.2 billion years old and not as previously thought when the universe was 2 to 4 billion years old. They are also thought to grow at a [...]


Actual and Artist Images of Exoplanets

Extrasolar planets or for short exoplanets have been found in orbit around many different star systems other than ours. Exoplanets are being found all the time but take a look at this database of exoplanets for an idea on their characteristics. An actual image has been shot sometime back of an exoplanet but as you [...]


Viking’s Search For Life on Mars Leaves Echos

The first mission to Mars that was to make a successful landing consisted of Viking 1 and Viking 2. It was an exciting mission with the orbiter picking landing spots for the lander to make a landing. Both spacecraft launched in 1975. They both made a successful landing and have lasted for about six years [...]


Flying Telescope Takes to the Skies

Nasa’s stratospheric Observatory for infrared astronomy (SOFIA) or if you don’t want to be smart airborne telescope, took its first flight yesterday. As you can see from the image a door opens in the 747 so that the telescope can see the sky. It may sound odd to be flying around with a telescope hanging [...]


Best of the Week Podcast-Hubble’s First Images of an Extrasolar Planet.

Paul Kalas was the leader of the team who managed the long-sought feat of actually taking a photograph of a planet orbiting another star. Before this, all the planets outside our solar system were found by indirect means. He describes how they achieved the breakthrough, using the Hubble Space Telescope, and discusses the wide range [...]