A Completely Automatic Robot Jet Fighter Passes Further Tests

The X-47B looks exactly the same as the B-2 stealth bomber but there is one major difference, it is totally automated. The X-47B is the US Navy’s newest UAV and it’s the very first robotic fighter to exist. Robotic predator and Reaper drones that are currently in Iraq and Afghanistan are controlled by pilots on [...]


Could This be the Start of a New Space Shuttle?

All is not lost for the space shuttle idea. Richard Branson is thinking big again and along with orbital sciences Corp, Sierra Nevada Corp and some others they may build a reusable taxi to space just like the space shuttle. NASA will find $200 million to help with the development. When the last shuttle goes [...]


Is Human Colonisation of Europa Possible?

Europa is a fascinating place. Once it was believed that Jupiter’s moons were just lumps of ice and rock. But missions to Jupiter showed us that there is more to Jupiter’s moons than we thought. This moon has become much more interesting the more it is explored. The furthest we have got nowadays is to [...]


A Robotic Japanese Lunar Base Is Planned for 2020

Japan (a government panel of Waseda University) has recently announced that it is going to send robots to the moon to create a moon base. This obviously has come after America announces that it is not going to bother with the moon just yet and I expect that Japan will take full advantage of the [...]


Want To Go To The Stars? Hop On Board One Of These Spacecraft…

What is the best way to get to the stars? Catching a bus or the tube probably won’t make it but catching the space shuttle will. Unfortunately, there is a small problem in that it will take around 170,000 years. When you arrived there would be nothing there, as the star would have moved. You [...]


Carnival Of Space #123

Normally I write an article on physics or space but sometimes I will be going through a few links of a few blogs that are quite good for all sorts of things about space and physics. This is called a carnival and if you look on the Internet you’ll find a lot of other links [...]


The Ins & Outs Of Being frozen & Then Possibly Revived.

Your eyes open you’re feeling cold and everything looks unfamiliar. Oh yes, I remember now. I was cryogenically frozen. That money that I had paid them doesn’t seem like a waste I wonder if I can take that trip to Mars I always wanted to do or perhaps even further? I wonder if there is [...]


Best of the Web- The Earth in 1000 Years

Where will all the rubbish go? Space stations? Will aliens notice us if they come to visit and we are extinct? Sending a message to ET. A discussion on the problems and the benefits of living in the universe 1000 years in the future. Podcast (Part 2) Join the forum discussion on this post – [...]


Best of the Web-Earth in a Century

What will Earh be like in 100 years? Will global warming mean we all live in warmer climates? A transhumanists views of the future. A seed store that may help us in the future. Podcast (Part 1) The Vanishing Face of Gaia: A Final Warning by SETI Join the forum discussion on this post – [...]


Best of the Web Podcast- Stem Cells, Fusion Power, Quantum Computers, Useful Robots, Solar Energy and a Lot More

A general science podcast on the latest happenings and ideas for the future on Stem cells, future burger to prevent heart attack , fusion power, quantum computers, useful robots, bringing water to poor people, solar energy use in the future, a tool to make anything you desire and feeding the poor. Podcast By Quirks and Quarks Join the [...]


Midweek Special- Podcast On Interstellar Travel

Can a rocket reach the nearest star? Ion drives, solar sails and railguns are discussed. Could it be possible to use quantum mechanics to bend space and seem like your travelling faster than light? It got me dreaming although the reality of space kicks in at the end. Would you mind if a project was [...]


Throwing Things At The Moon

The Moon is great isn’t it? It features in the best album ever (The Dark Side of the Moon)  and is like an old friend flying round the Earth. Other planets may have more Moons and more colourful Moons but our moon is ours.  If you feel that the Moon needs a hug and protection [...]


A New Human Race To Explore The Stars?

In an earlier post we talked about robots doing our dirty work and exploring the universe, relaying images back to us allowing us to see what they have found without actually risking our own necks.  If you fancy a look then the post is here ”Is Humanity A Space Fairing Race?” .  I have a funny [...]