Why the Discovery of Aliens Will Not Be Covered up by a Government

The government (of any country) will not cover up the discovery of aliens by SETI. Jill Tarter and Seth Shostak are absolutely certain of this. This is mainly because 13 years ago a signal was received which we now know was a false alarm but showed that the procedure on receiving an alien signal would not [...]


Carnival of Space 181

Lots of links from astronomy and space blogs including a little science.


A Good Chance of Life on Mars

This is a good lecture on why there’s a 1 in 4 chance of life (in Penelope’ Bostons opinion anyway) under the surface on Mars.


Where Should We Look for Alien Artefacts?

There is a problem with our approach at the moment when looking for alien civilisations. SETI looks for signals that are sent by the electromagnetic spectrum and their are a lot of frequencies to search. If you pair this with the size of the universe you can see how SETI is really looking for a [...]


How to Talk to Aliens

Lots of signals have gone into space such as TV, radar and radio. The signals have been betraying our presence for 60 years and have passed over about 6000 star systems and are reaching new systems every day. This would seem to be enough, even though we haven’t received anything back yet, but what if [...]


Good Evidence for Life on Saturn’s Moon Titan

The Cassini spacecraft has noticed on Titan, Saturn’s moon, that hydrogen molecules flow down through the atmosphere and disappear when they reach the surface (Icarus Journal). Also the hydrocarbons on the surface of Titan have been mapped and show that there is a lack of acetylne (Journal of geophysical research). The lack of acetylne could [...]


A Debate on the Existence of Intelligent Life

The great debate is held at Berkley university and this one is on SETI, it’s worth a listen. SETI debate


Kepler, Finding New Planets & Adopting A Star.

On my voyage across the Internet I bumped into something that I had been thinking about for a long time. Name a star was high up on my list of things that I must do but never got round to because I just really didn’t want to get conned. Well, I took the leap and [...]


Defining Alien Life & The Different Weird Forms ET Could Take

The universe is full of stars. We are not so sure about habitable planets though. The habitable zone is defined as the distance from the parent star where water flows freely as a liquid. Saying that, over 300 planets have been found so far. Unfortunately from earth we just can’t pick up habitable planets but [...]


21 Reasons We Have Not Talked To Or Found Alien Civilizations

Look up and you will see lots of dots of light. No, it’s not a load of cars screaming towards the Earth because they missed the stop sign at Mars.  It’s stars. There are said to be about 140 billion stars that look like the sun in the Milky Way. There are a lot more stars [...]


Where Are All The Civilisations?

What is going on? Where are they all? Are they here? Too many questions and literally too little time. It just seems so really boring that we can be the only ones in this universe. Time is definitely a massive problem when looking for somebody alien to chat to. Does it matter that there are [...]


Does Something Unknown Lurk at the Galactic Center?

It may be a bit of a long way away (26,000 ly)  but it is an interesting place to go.  At 26,000 light years away it would take  26,000 years as measured by clocks on Earth at the speed of light, and no time at all as measured by your watch. Time is relative, not fixed. [...]


Using A Laser To Communicate With Aliens

A communication strategy that aliens might use instead of radio signals is to send brief and intense bursts of laser light across the galaxy – sort of like a signal lamp between two ships. Some space telescopes would be ideally suited to pluck out such a signal from the sky background. Why laser beams instead of radio transmitters? [...]