Science Fiction Becomes Fact As 10 New Jupiter Sized Planets Found in Deep Space

10 new Jupiter sized planets have been found floating alone in space, and I mean alone, well away from any star. They are sometimes called orphan planets and have been the subject of science fiction and science theory for a long time but now there is evidence that they exist. The survey shows that for [...]


Kepler Finds a Multitude of Planets of All Shapes and Structures

Some great news from the planet front has just arrived. As was expected Kepler has found lots of new planets. These planets are really planetary candidates and have to be positively confirmed but a high percentage definitely will be planets. The recent findings increase the number of planets found by Kepler to 1235. 68 of [...]


Robotic Ghost Knifefish (Ghostbot) Created after Observing a Real Knifefish

After watching a black ghost knife fish and creating computer simulations of its movement researchers at Northwestern University have created a robotic fish. This is a very nimble robot that, after swimming backwards or forwards, can swim vertically almost instantaneously by using a special Ribbon like fin. In the future this will allow robots to [...]


Rocky Planet Found by Kepler Gets Us Closer to Finding an Earthlike Planet

The race to find an earthlike planet hots up with the Kepler space telescope finding a rocky planet. I say race because the telescope that finds an earthlike planet will enter the history books. This planet orbits a sun like star. The planet is only 40% larger than Earth (all the previous ones were the size [...]


Plank Finds New Galaxy Clusters and Unidentified Objects

The Plank space observatory has just released its first scientific results from the Plank spacecraft. The findings look at the coldest objects in the universe and our galaxy and out to the edges of the universe. The Plank Observatory is looking to put together a picture of the evolution of the cosmos and these findings [...]


NASA Still Struggling to Get the Space Shuttle Discovery Ready for Launch

NASA has just pumped in 500,000 gallons of liquid hydrogen and oxygen into discovery’s external fuel tank. It’s been fitted out with sensors and other equipment to try and find the cracks in the insulating foam that have stopped the launch. At the earliest the shuttle will fly at the start of February 2011 but there [...]


Cassini May Have Spotted an Ice Volcano on Titan

Cassini may have spotted a cryovolcano on Titan. it has been found in a region called the Sotra Facula. The craters, peaks and fingerlike flows are very good indicators that this is a cryovolcanism. The picture has been exaggerated and filled in with false colours for clarity.this is good news for the search for life [...]


An Earthlike Planet Is Coming Soon …

One day in the future perhaps not 10 years from now we will be able to look up into the night sky at particular stars and know that they have Earth like planets orbiting them. SETI is going to scan the stars with exoplanets for intelligent life in 2011 and you never know do you? [...]


Supernova Explosions Aren’t Quite What We Thought

Supernovas are exploding stars which, depending on their type explode in different ways and for different reasons. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on the way you look at it new evidence has been found that these theories aren’t quite right. An instrument called the solar mass ejector imager has given extra information. Data from the imager, [...]


Arsenic Life Found.

There were some wild speculations a week ago when NASA implied that they may have found some form of life. Everyone thought that this was finally it, alien life had been found. It was, unfortunately, one jump too far but the news of the discovery of an arsenic microbe is still good news. It has [...]


Detecting Volcanoes on Exoplanets

Volcanoes can be an indication of a planet that can support life. There are studies that show that lightning together with the chemicals volcanoes produce may have provided the spark that produced life on early Earth. This experiment called the Miller-Urey experiment has been shown to students for years from 1953 to mimic the chemical [...]


Actual and Artist Images of Exoplanets

Extrasolar planets or for short exoplanets have been found in orbit around many different star systems other than ours. Exoplanets are being found all the time but take a look at this database of exoplanets for an idea on their characteristics. An actual image has been shot sometime back of an exoplanet but as you [...]


Latest Update on Exoplanets Lecture (July 2010)

The latest on the search for planets in other planetary systems. .


A Good Chance of Life on Mars

This is a good lecture on why there’s a 1 in 4 chance of life (in Penelope’ Bostons opinion anyway) under the surface on Mars.


Closer Views on a Growing Solar System

I wrote an article on the formation of the solar system and other planetary systems throughout the galaxy a few weeks ago. New information is coming to light all the time and this is a field that has a lot of discoveries left to find. The new discoveries were published in the astrophysical Journal. Astronomers [...]


Good Evidence for Life on Saturn’s Moon Titan

The Cassini spacecraft has noticed on Titan, Saturn’s moon, that hydrogen molecules flow down through the atmosphere and disappear when they reach the surface (Icarus Journal). Also the hydrocarbons on the surface of Titan have been mapped and show that there is a lack of acetylne (Journal of geophysical research). The lack of acetylne could [...]


Kuiper Belt Discovery, Classification, Shape and Size.

The Kuiper belt is a region beyond Neptune that is full of comets, asteroids and other debris. It circles the solar system and has always been a little bit of a mystery as it is so far away and hard to explore. The inkling that the Kuiper belt existed first came from Kuiper and a [...]


The Meaning of Life Discovered, No Just a Little Step Closer

When the universe was made it was not made equal however it was made. It should have consisted of matter and antimatter in equal quantities but this would have meant annihilation for our wonderful universe. Luckily for us there is just matter to worry about. The Fermilab (obviously trying to beat the LHC to the [...]


Newton’s Apple Falls Upwards.

The tree that prompted the discovery of gravity is being taken into space aboard space shuttle Atlantis next week. Of course, this is the tree that the Apple dropped out of and gave Newton a rather large bruise on his head and of course his idea about gravity. It’s a pity, but they’re not taking [...]


Best of the Week Podcast-Hubble’s First Images of an Extrasolar Planet.

Paul Kalas was the leader of the team who managed the long-sought feat of actually taking a photograph of a planet orbiting another star. Before this, all the planets outside our solar system were found by indirect means. He describes how they achieved the breakthrough, using the Hubble Space Telescope, and discusses the wide range [...]