An Asteroid to Look Out For…

Asteroids and comets are flying around our solar system in all sorts of orbits and it’s only a matter of time until they hit the earth although there is rather a large amount of space that they can fly in compared to mass of the planets that they could hit. The ones that are close [...]


How Did the Earth Get It’s Water?

How did the Earth come to possess water? Did some alien ship have too much and dump it or is there some simpler explanation? Through a process that lasted millions of years the Earth was made from a cloud of dust and gas. At the later stages of formation the Earth was an extremely hot [...]


How Did Those First Organic Molecules Get to Earth?

How did life start? You would be talking to a Nobel prize winner if I could tell you that. Unfortunately nobody knows. There are a few theories around and a few advances have been made in this field but I will talk about the one that is most widely accepted in scientific circles. The starting [...]


Jupiter Has Another Impact

Just the other month Jupiter was hit by something, possibly an asteroid, and this month seems to be just the same. An amateur astronomer yesterday noticed a large flash when looking at Jupiter which lasted about two seconds. We are quite lucky to have Jupiter in the solar system, not just for looking at, but [...]


Kuiper Belt Discovery, Classification, Shape and Size.

The Kuiper belt is a region beyond Neptune that is full of comets, asteroids and other debris. It circles the solar system and has always been a little bit of a mystery as it is so far away and hard to explore. The inkling that the Kuiper belt existed first came from Kuiper and a [...]


All about Meteorites

Meteors streak through the air giving us a display that can be not only beautiful but awe-inspiring as well. This isn’t all they give us as they carry to us a wealth of information from the solar system. So what is flying through the atmosphere giving us a such a show? As you might imagine [...]


Ceres, Dwarf Planet or Asteroid?

In the previous post I made a mistake about Ceres and its classification as an asteroid or dwarf planet. It’s been a topic of debate for some time, the debate originating with Pluto and its classification from planet to perhaps an asteroid and back to dwarf planet. Everybody was once sitting pretty thinking that Pluto [...]


Interplanetary Dust Our Minute Friend

It is black out there, very black. In between the specks of light called stars and in between the galaxies there is just a lot of black. That may be true to our eyes but it is not true at all. In the darkness of space in the black bits there is a giant monster [...]


Big and Small Asteroids and Their Formation

The solar system formed from dust grains and eventually built up into planets. On the way to making planets some dust grains only formed up to a small size (compared to a planet) and remain at this size today. These rocks are called asteroids. If it wasn’t for these rocks the planets would not have [...]


How impact craters are formed

This sounds a bit like a no-brainer really; the asteroid or comet crosses the path of Earth and hits the Earth’s surface causing an impact crater. That’s it isn’t it? No, nothing in life is quite as simple as that and the way impactors (asteroids, comets, space stations or astronauts) hit the Earth is quite [...]


Best of the Week podcast- Kuiper Belt at a Childs Level.

What is the Kuiper Belt? by Susan, Amanda & Kevin Murph. Susan Murph from the How to Grow Your Geek Podcast and her children Amanda and Kevin discuss Pluto and the Kuiper Belt. [podcast] belt.mp3[/podcast]


Moving the Earth Out Of the Way of That Big Bad Sun

I have always wanted to fly around in a spaceship seeing lots of lovely stars and planets and other curious beautiful things that exist out there. To stop getting too frustrated, I have looked on the Earth as a sort of spaceship travelling around giving everyone an eye on the universe. This is okay until [...]


Take An Asteroid Ark Ship To The Stars And Arrive In Second Place.

Asteroids can be big grumpy things that decide that they are going to make life on Earth, just like the dinosaurs, extinct. They are flying around all over the place entering our solar system on their trajectories, and either crashing or being caught by another object in our system, or just peacefully cruising straight through [...]


Is The Earth Safe From Rocky Demons Above?

Have you ever looked up into the sky and wondered what was going to drop onto your head? When you look up what do you see? Well if I was to do it now I would see a load of black clouds as I live in the rainy UK  which tends to give me a [...]


Square Planets

Looking at the universe I have always thought it odd that planets were round and not some other shape. To make a sphere on earth isn’t really that easy.  I can’t say that I have tried it  But just trying to get a lump of plasticine into a sphere with your hands is almost impossible. On [...]