The Fermi Paradox and Where It Leads Us

Guest article by Andrew Fain. Enrico Fermi was a theoretical and experimental  physicist  known for his work on the first nuclear reactor, contributions to quantum theory, particle physics and statistical mechanics.  He won the nobel prize in 1938 and was widely known as the father of the atomic bomb along with Robert Oppenheimer. Enrico Fermi [...]

Next Tourist Destination to Become Outer Space

A space hotel built by the Russians in 2016 may be a possibility. It would be built by a commercial firm and would be a space station with an orbit about 350 km above the Earth. It would be pretty exclusive with only seven passengers living in capsules. To get their two-day trip they would [...]

In the Breaking Bad Series Would a Large Electro Magnet Turnover a Truck?

In the breaking bad series some information that needs to be erased is erased by a large electromagnet on the back of a lorry. This would be overkill if the magnet and laptop were in the same room but as the laptop is on the other side of a wall in a police office this [...]

New Research Gives More Information on Mercury’s Surface

Mercury is different from the Moon and Mars. Mariner showed that the planet was covered by smooth plains and cratered planes but their origin was unknown. So what were they formed by? Scientists studied the surface to see if the planes were formed by volcanic flows or material ejected from Mercury’s impact basins. New images [...]

Planet Formation Theory Threatened by Hubble Find

A new planet may be being built, not by aliens (well who knows really?), But in a cloud of gas and dust around TW Hydrae about 176 light-years away. This dust and gas cloud is in the constellation Hydra and was spotted by the Hubble space telescope. A Gap has been detected and current theories [...]

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Fancy Building and Then Getting Your Satellite Launched into Space?

A revolution in satellite engineering has started. As long as I can remember governments and corporations have been building expensive satellites and they just get more and more expensive with each new design. The cost rises because the satellites take longer to design, new launch facilities are needed, global monitoring stations must be built, mission [...]


Robotic Ghost Knifefish (Ghostbot) Created after Observing a Real Knifefish

After watching a black ghost knife fish and creating computer simulations of its movement researchers at Northwestern University have created a robotic fish. This is a very nimble robot that, after swimming backwards or forwards, can swim vertically almost instantaneously by using a special Ribbon like fin. In the future this will allow robots to [...]


Rocky Planet Found by Kepler Gets Us Closer to Finding an Earthlike Planet

The race to find an earthlike planet hots up with the Kepler space telescope finding a rocky planet. I say race because the telescope that finds an earthlike planet will enter the history books. This planet orbits a sun like star. The planet is only 40% larger than Earth (all the previous ones were the size [...]


Plank Finds New Galaxy Clusters and Unidentified Objects

The Plank space observatory has just released its first scientific results from the Plank spacecraft. The findings look at the coldest objects in the universe and our galaxy and out to the edges of the universe. The Plank Observatory is looking to put together a picture of the evolution of the cosmos and these findings [...]


New Study Shows That Moon Has an Interior like the Earth’s

The moon is more interesting than it looks. The interior could hold clues about our distant past. NASA researchers have found from analysing old data in new ways that the moon has a core. This has been theorised for some time but never proved. These findings were published on January 6 in science and shows [...]


Views of the Whole Solar Corona by the Solar Dynamics Observatory

It is possible to see the solar corona, the Sun’s atmosphere, during an eclipse but only the outer layer. The solar dynamics Observatory (SDO) is now taking images of the innermost solar corona seven days a week 24 hours a day. Normally the solar corona can only be seen by blocking the sun with a [...]


China and Russia Will Go Ahead with a Mission to Explore Mars This Year

In October this year China is expected to launch its first Mars probe carrying Russia’s Phobos Explorer. It was expected to launch in 2010 but never made it and has been delayed for the last two years. Previous reports say that the orbiter’s main mission is to try and find out where the water, that [...]


Will a Universal Translator (Like the One in Star Trek) Ever Exist?

If you have noticed Google can translate something almost instantaneously and even automatically in the chrome web browser. Smartphones can do it too but not quite as smart as the ones in Star Trek. If you take science fiction as a prediction then it will almost definitely happen as translators appear in Star Wars (C3PO), [...]


Robots and Their Potential Uses in Warfare

I recently read an article that talked about robots in Afghanistan being used to disarm IEDs and it got me thinking. What would a world be like where robots did all the fighting? When I think of robots fighting it nearly always conjures up an image of Arnie as Terminator, a robot sent back in [...]


Black Holes Grew Earlier and Faster Than Predicted

A paper that is about to be published from the Tel Aviv University will show that the most massive black holes were  growing when the universe was about 1.2 billion years old and not as previously thought when the universe was 2 to 4 billion years old. They are also thought to grow at a [...]


Why the Discovery of Aliens Will Not Be Covered up by a Government

The government (of any country) will not cover up the discovery of aliens by SETI. Jill Tarter and Seth Shostak are absolutely certain of this. This is mainly because 13 years ago a signal was received which we now know was a false alarm but showed that the procedure on receiving an alien signal would not [...]


Carnival of Space 181

Lots of links from astronomy and space blogs including a little science.


Eclipse changes The Moon’s Colour

An Eclipse seen in America and Europe on Tuesday changed the moon’s colour from pink to blood red. This came from the sun, Earth and the moon aligning. The moon swung into the shadow of the Earth to cause these effects. Even though the moon was in the shadow of the Earth the Moon didn’t [...]


A Good Year for Japan’s Space Program

Japan has not put a lot of money into their space program but it has nevertheless come up with some good results. JAXA (Japan’s space agency) has had a few firsts including the return of a probe to pick up some dust from an asteroid after a seven-year round-trip. This mission called Hayabusa, which means [...]


NASA Still Struggling to Get the Space Shuttle Discovery Ready for Launch

NASA has just pumped in 500,000 gallons of liquid hydrogen and oxygen into discovery’s external fuel tank. It’s been fitted out with sensors and other equipment to try and find the cracks in the insulating foam that have stopped the launch. At the earliest the shuttle will fly at the start of February 2011 but there [...]


Cassini May Have Spotted an Ice Volcano on Titan

Cassini may have spotted a cryovolcano on Titan. it has been found in a region called the Sotra Facula. The craters, peaks and fingerlike flows are very good indicators that this is a cryovolcanism. The picture has been exaggerated and filled in with false colours for clarity.this is good news for the search for life [...]


Could This be the Start of a New Space Shuttle?

All is not lost for the space shuttle idea. Richard Branson is thinking big again and along with orbital sciences Corp, Sierra Nevada Corp and some others they may build a reusable taxi to space just like the space shuttle. NASA will find $200 million to help with the development. When the last shuttle goes [...]


An Earthlike Planet Is Coming Soon …

One day in the future perhaps not 10 years from now we will be able to look up into the night sky at particular stars and know that they have Earth like planets orbiting them. SETI is going to scan the stars with exoplanets for intelligent life in 2011 and you never know do you? [...]


Supernova Explosions Aren’t Quite What We Thought

Supernovas are exploding stars which, depending on their type explode in different ways and for different reasons. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on the way you look at it new evidence has been found that these theories aren’t quite right. An instrument called the solar mass ejector imager has given extra information. Data from the imager, [...]


New Company Aims to Build Smarter Robots.

Unfortunately there is no prototype but Heartland Robotics has raised $20 million towards its aim to build smarter sleeker and more efficient industrial robots. Rodney Brooks is the mastermind of Heartland Robotics. He has the experience and history of building robots so perhaps something will come of this, something useful hopefully.

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