The Fermi Paradox and Where It Leads Us

Guest article by Andrew Fain. Enrico Fermi was a theoretical and experimental  physicist  known for his work on the first nuclear reactor, contributions to quantum theory, particle physics and statistical mechanics.  He won the nobel prize in 1938 and was widely known as the father of the atomic bomb along with Robert Oppenheimer. Enrico Fermi [...]

Next Tourist Destination to Become Outer Space

A space hotel built by the Russians in 2016 may be a possibility. It would be built by a commercial firm and would be a space station with an orbit about 350 km above the Earth. It would be pretty exclusive with only seven passengers living in capsules. To get their two-day trip they would [...]

In the Breaking Bad Series Would a Large Electro Magnet Turnover a Truck?

In the breaking bad series some information that needs to be erased is erased by a large electromagnet on the back of a lorry. This would be overkill if the magnet and laptop were in the same room but as the laptop is on the other side of a wall in a police office this [...]

New Research Gives More Information on Mercury’s Surface

Mercury is different from the Moon and Mars. Mariner showed that the planet was covered by smooth plains and cratered planes but their origin was unknown. So what were they formed by? Scientists studied the surface to see if the planes were formed by volcanic flows or material ejected from Mercury’s impact basins. New images [...]

Planet Formation Theory Threatened by Hubble Find

A new planet may be being built, not by aliens (well who knows really?), But in a cloud of gas and dust around TW Hydrae about 176 light-years away. This dust and gas cloud is in the constellation Hydra and was spotted by the Hubble space telescope. A Gap has been detected and current theories [...]

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Carnival of Space 199

Here’s this weeks carnival of space with  spaceplanes, dark energy, cosmology and a lot more. Next Big Future posts about how the Skylon space plane got a thumbs up with a 52 page review from the UK space agency,  James Woodward talks about the scientific history of science, gravity and the Mach Effect and a post [...]


Science Fiction Becomes Fact As 10 New Jupiter Sized Planets Found in Deep Space

10 new Jupiter sized planets have been found floating alone in space, and I mean alone, well away from any star. They are sometimes called orphan planets and have been the subject of science fiction and science theory for a long time but now there is evidence that they exist. The survey shows that for [...]


New Image of Jets from a Supermassive Black Hole in Another Galaxy

Particle jets erupting from a supermassive black hole have been captured in an image provided by radio telescopes located in the southern hemisphere. The image shows an area less than 4.2 light years across. This makes this image the highest resolution image of a galactic jet made to date. Jets and Lobes from the Black [...]


A New Map of the Roughness and Smoothness of the Moon Created

Planetary scientists use the look of planets and moons to find out information about their past. New maps of the moon have been put together that reveal the slopes and roughness of the moon’s surface. These maps are based on data which has been collected by the lunar orbiter laser altimeter on NASA’s lunar reconnaissance [...]


New Search for Alien Life on 86 Planets Starts

A massive search for alien life on 86 exoplanets has just started. The search will use a large radio telescope in West Virginia to listen for signs of life. These 86 planets have been picked from a list of 1235 planets which have been identified by NASA’s Kepler space telescope. 24 hours of data will [...]


Fractures Found on Mars May Indicate Life

Deep fractures have been found around the giant Isidis impact basin on Mars. This area called NiliFossae is of interest to scientists because telescopes on Earth measured an increase in methane in Mars’s atmosphere over this area. This could mean life or it could be geological. Some of these incisions are up to 500 m [...]


China’s New Space Station Plans Released

The China manned space engineering office has released plans for a 60 ton space station made up of three capsules and a cargo transport for supplies. It looks like it might be public friendly as well as they have asked for suggestions for names for the space station. The space station core module will be [...]


A Completely Automatic Robot Jet Fighter Passes Further Tests

The X-47B looks exactly the same as the B-2 stealth bomber but there is one major difference, it is totally automated. The X-47B is the US Navy’s newest UAV and it’s the very first robotic fighter to exist. Robotic predator and Reaper drones that are currently in Iraq and Afghanistan are controlled by pilots on [...]


Manned Spaceflight Versus Unmanned Spaceflight

Are manned missions just a waste of time? Space agencies and presidents insist that manned missions are necessary and will always be in their programmes. The reason normally given is that an astronaut embodies the spirit of the space programme and can also act swiftly and creatively in ways that machines cannot. The critics dismiss [...]


Messenger Returns Images of Mercury from Orbit for the First Time.

NASA’s Messenger spacecraft (MErcury Surface,Space Environment, Geochemistry and Ranging) has become the first craft to enter orbit around Mercury and now we have the first picture from orbit. Messenger has taken six years to get into orbit around Mercury. If the Messenger probe had been sent to Mercury on a direct course it would have [...]


Crystal Clear Pictures of the Perseus Galaxy Cluster

The Suzaku observatory has recently made observations by X ray of Perseus, a nearby cluster of galaxies. They are the clearest to date. Galaxy clusters are millions of light years across. Most of the matter these galaxies are made up of comes in the form of X ray gases that fill up the space between [...]


Why Is an Atmosphere Lost over Time?

There are a lot of planetary atmospheres in the solar system. They vary a lot and this can be seen by comparing Earth and Venus which are of the same size and mass roughly, The surface of Venus is extremely hot which is caused by an atmosphere of carbon dioxide that has the weight of [...]


Satellites Monitor The Japanese Devastation

Satellite imaging of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan on March 11 has been invaluable in giving a clear picture of the extent of the devastation and will help in the relief effort.What is called the International Charter ” space and major disasters” was called up by the Japanese government on the same [...]


Mars Rover Opportunity Poses for a Quick Picture

Opportunity (NASA’s Mars exploration Rover) has been exploring a crater on Mars called Santa Maria and has nearly finished its three-month examination. The picture has been taken from orbit of opportunity posing  just on the edge. The pictures were taken by the high resolution imaging science experiment (HIRISE). The tracks from the west that opportunity [...]


Far Side of the Moon Imaged by the LRO

The moons far side has been imaged in extreme detail by the lunar reconnaissance orbiter (LRO). A mosaic is being made of the moon by the LRO and this image is one of many building up into a map providing a global view of the moon to a resolution of 100 m per pixel. (Click on [...]


Excessive Heat Found in Enceladus

Cassini has recorded internal heat produced by the south polar terrain of Enceladus to be extremely more than was predicted. The internal heat is about 15.80 GW which is about the power output of 20 coal fuelled power stations. This doesn’t mean that a bunch of aliens have built 20 coal fuelled power stations on [...]


Carnival of Space 186

The Carnival of space is where all the different interesting websites and blogs get together and are posted on one particular blog or site. This week as always we have a wide variety of interesting subjects. Apologies for the late posting. Just look at it as an insight into the delays you may experience if [...]


Jupiter Like Planet Lurking Just Outside our Solar System is Extremely Unlikely

To say that the whole astronomic community was set on fire by the claim that a Jupiter-like planet might be lurking just outside our solar system would be a bit of a stretch, but spirits were indeed high, after this claim was made by John Matese and Daniel Whitmire of the University of Lousiana-Lafayette. Tyche, [...]


Kepler Finds a Multitude of Planets of All Shapes and Structures

Some great news from the planet front has just arrived. As was expected Kepler has found lots of new planets. These planets are really planetary candidates and have to be positively confirmed but a high percentage definitely will be planets. The recent findings increase the number of planets found by Kepler to 1235. 68 of [...]


Mars Express Gives New Images & Video of Martian Moon Phobos

The European Space Agency has released close-up portraits of Mars’s moon Phobos, taken as the ESA Mars Express spacecraft flew within 60 miles of it. The images show a load of mysterious grooves etched into Phobos’ surface and resolve features as small as 17 yards across. The images show in detail the currently planned landing [...]

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