The Fermi Paradox and Where It Leads Us

Guest article by Andrew Fain. Enrico Fermi was a theoretical and experimental  physicist  known for his work on the first nuclear reactor, contributions to quantum theory, particle physics and statistical mechanics.  He won the nobel prize in 1938 and was widely known as the father of the atomic bomb along with Robert Oppenheimer. Enrico Fermi [...]

Next Tourist Destination to Become Outer Space

A space hotel built by the Russians in 2016 may be a possibility. It would be built by a commercial firm and would be a space station with an orbit about 350 km above the Earth. It would be pretty exclusive with only seven passengers living in capsules. To get their two-day trip they would [...]

In the Breaking Bad Series Would a Large Electro Magnet Turnover a Truck?

In the breaking bad series some information that needs to be erased is erased by a large electromagnet on the back of a lorry. This would be overkill if the magnet and laptop were in the same room but as the laptop is on the other side of a wall in a police office this [...]

New Research Gives More Information on Mercury’s Surface

Mercury is different from the Moon and Mars. Mariner showed that the planet was covered by smooth plains and cratered planes but their origin was unknown. So what were they formed by? Scientists studied the surface to see if the planes were formed by volcanic flows or material ejected from Mercury’s impact basins. New images [...]

Planet Formation Theory Threatened by Hubble Find

A new planet may be being built, not by aliens (well who knows really?), But in a cloud of gas and dust around TW Hydrae about 176 light-years away. This dust and gas cloud is in the constellation Hydra and was spotted by the Hubble space telescope. A Gap has been detected and current theories [...]

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Commercial Spaceflight Ticket Or NASA Ticket To Space And Beyond?

NASA is dragging their heels when it comes to space exploration. Money just isn’t available to go as fast as some people would like. This is where commercial spaceflight is taking over. Unfortunately commercial spaceflight doesn’t mean travelling to the moon and back to drop off people in the Moon Hotel. To get some idea [...]


Midweek Podcast, The Drake Equation By The Man Himself

Get to grips with the possibility of alien civilisations by listening to a lecture by Dr. Frank Drake of the SETI institute. Each element of the equation is explained by reference to modern day discoverys  (the lecture was given a couple of years ago though). Lecture By Drake (Podcast) Just in case- The Drake equation [...]


Paradox Or Not?

Paradox is such a great looking word that I couldn’t resist it. I must be a little odd or should I say weird but I just love the X at the end and the way it sounds. Just don’t get me going about paradoxical! So what is a paradox? A paradox is a statement that [...]


Midweek Podcast, A Robot Uprising? Or A Toaster Defeat?

After talking about the singularity and robots this midweek podcast gives you all the tools to find out what to do when the machines rise up and how to survive. Plus, a man whose implanted circuitry brings him closer to cyborg-dom, and the daughter of Isaac Asimov, the writer who first laid out moral behavior [...]


The Singularity And How We May Get There

So what is this singularity? Is it the singularity that is found near a black hole?  Well, this is a gravitational singularity but it is not the one I’m on about at the moment. The idea for the name of the singularity that I am talking about now actually came from the gravitational singularity as [...]


Midweek Special- Podcast On Interstellar Travel

Can a rocket reach the nearest star? Ion drives, solar sails and railguns are discussed. Could it be possible to use quantum mechanics to bend space and seem like your travelling faster than light? It got me dreaming although the reality of space kicks in at the end. Would you mind if a project was [...]


Alien Civilization Types From 1 To 7

What could an alien civilisation be able to do? Well, as we have not found any alien civilisations then everything is guesswork based on the laws of physics and our experiences here on earth. This could be completely wrong or it could be completely right or it could be somewhere in between. It is great [...]


21 Reasons We Have Not Talked To Or Found Alien Civilizations

Look up and you will see lots of dots of light. No, it’s not a load of cars screaming towards the Earth because they missed the stop sign at Mars.  It’s stars. There are said to be about 140 billion stars that look like the sun in the Milky Way. There are a lot more stars [...]


Dark Matter Monsters Or A Change In The Laws Of Physics?

There is a massive mystery in the universe, Dark Energy and Dark Matter. Nobody knows what these evil things could be or that they are proof that the universe’s laws we have made up are total rubbish. The dark stuff does sound a bit hellish but that’s just a name and a bit inappropriate as [...]


Throwing Things At The Moon

The Moon is great isn’t it? It features in the best album ever (The Dark Side of the Moon)  and is like an old friend flying round the Earth. Other planets may have more Moons and more colourful Moons but our moon is ours.  If you feel that the Moon needs a hug and protection [...]


Robots March Forward Triumphantly

Robots are fascinating things to talk about, make movies about and generally be scared about nowadays. Of course we’ve all seen the new terminator movie but that is science-fiction isn’t it? Let’s try and start at the beginning with the first robot, that sounds logical to me. Leonardo da Vinci had a good go at [...]


Are There Other Universes Just Beyond Our Fingertips?

Parallel universes have always been used in science fiction as a great tool, but, as science fiction has a funny way of turning into fact (see Arthur C. Clark’s predictions) having parallel universes is getting very close to being a fact although they are theory at the moment. But how can our universe (or the [...]


Ways That We Will Avoid Death

Doesn’t death hack you off sometimes? What point has it got? It must be a joke, surely? We all know that it happens and unless you believe in something it does and that’s it. But what is death? Well I suppose the easy answer is that it’s when you die.  I think I  may get [...]


Is The Earth Safe From Rocky Demons Above?

Have you ever looked up into the sky and wondered what was going to drop onto your head? When you look up what do you see? Well if I was to do it now I would see a load of black clouds as I live in the rainy UK  which tends to give me a [...]


Not Faster Than Light But Fast Light, Is It Possible?

Light is one of those things that you take for granted just switching on a switch or, if you are a caveman, lighting a fire. It appears almost instantaneously as that switch clicks or fire bursts into life. But, you know what I’m going to say don’t you, it’s not that simple. It takes time [...]


Where Are All The Civilisations?

What is going on? Where are they all? Are they here? Too many questions and literally too little time. It just seems so really boring that we can be the only ones in this universe. Time is definitely a massive problem when looking for somebody alien to chat to. Does it matter that there are [...]


Does Something Unknown Lurk at the Galactic Center?

It may be a bit of a long way away (26,000 ly)  but it is an interesting place to go.  At 26,000 light years away it would take  26,000 years as measured by clocks on Earth at the speed of light, and no time at all as measured by your watch. Time is relative, not fixed. [...]


Blow Up Your Brain With Quantum Physics, Or Perhaps Not?

Quantum theory is bizarre and daft and if somebody told me about this in the pub then I would laugh them outside,  and then drown myself in beer.  In order to try and understand, we need to forget everything we know about what causes things to happen and what effects are caused. You also need to [...]


What Are We And The Universe Made Out Of?

Have you ever looked at something and wondered what it was made out of? Why should you? Well it might be a nice fact to know to impress your neighbours or perhaps your friends or even the butcher. Then again it might just be interesting.  Everybody learns about molecules and atoms at school and in [...]


A New Human Race To Explore The Stars?

In an earlier post we talked about robots doing our dirty work and exploring the universe, relaying images back to us allowing us to see what they have found without actually risking our own necks.  If you fancy a look then the post is here ”Is Humanity A Space Fairing Race?” .  I have a funny [...]

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