Two New Videos of the Moon from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter

As 1000 days in orbit of the NASA lunar reconnaissance orbiter (LRO) have passed two new videos have been released. The first video takes us through the moons evolutionary history and shows how it came to appear the way it does today. The second video gives a guided tour of some prominent locations on the [...]

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Far Side of the Moon Imaged by the LRO

The moons far side has been imaged in extreme detail by the lunar reconnaissance orbiter (LRO). A mosaic is being made of the moon by the LRO and this image is one of many building up into a map providing a global view of the moon to a resolution of 100 m per pixel. (Click on [...]

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Latest Update on Exoplanets Lecture (July 2010)

The latest on the search for planets in other planetary systems. .

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A Good Chance of Life on Mars

This is a good lecture on why there’s a 1 in 4 chance of life (in Penelope’ Bostons opinion anyway) under the surface on Mars.

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Take a Peek inside the Space Shuttle after Landing

Ever wondered what happened after a space shuttle landing? NASA have released a video (below) which shows the winding down of the shuttle and the tow back to its hangar. After landing it takes 150 workers to pull the crew out and to carry out the necessary checks and procedures. Shuttle Atlantis will be ready [...]

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