A Completely Automatic Robot Jet Fighter Passes Further Tests

The X-47B looks exactly the same as the B-2 stealth bomber but there is one major difference, it is totally automated. The X-47B is the US Navy’s newest UAV and it’s the very first robotic fighter to exist. Robotic predator and Reaper drones that are currently in Iraq and Afghanistan are controlled by pilots on [...]

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Robotic Ghost Knifefish (Ghostbot) Created after Observing a Real Knifefish

After watching a black ghost knife fish and creating computer simulations of its movement researchers at Northwestern University have created a robotic fish. This is a very nimble robot that, after swimming backwards or forwards, can swim vertically almost instantaneously by using a special Ribbon like fin. In the future this will allow robots to [...]

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Will a Universal Translator (Like the One in Star Trek) Ever Exist?

If you have noticed Google can translate something almost instantaneously and even automatically in the chrome web browser. Smartphones can do it too but not quite as smart as the ones in Star Trek. If you take science fiction as a prediction then it will almost definitely happen as translators appear in Star Wars (C3PO), [...]

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Robots and Their Potential Uses in Warfare

I recently read an article that talked about robots in Afghanistan being used to disarm IEDs and it got me thinking. What would a world be like where robots did all the fighting? When I think of robots fighting it nearly always conjures up an image of Arnie as Terminator, a robot sent back in [...]

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Laugh Out Loud at My list of the Top 10 Worst Robots in the Universe

If you sit down and think about it there are lots of robots that have been created. From the big to small, stupid to intelligent and imaginary to real life they do a good job and in our imagination a lot more. There are  experimental, one-offs, actual robots and androids. The difference between robots and [...]

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Robots March Forward Triumphantly

Robots are fascinating things to talk about, make movies about and generally be scared about nowadays. Of course we’ve all seen the new terminator movie but that is science-fiction isn’t it? Let’s try and start at the beginning with the first robot, that sounds logical to me. Leonardo da Vinci had a good go at [...]

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