A New Moon Is Discovered around Pluto

Hubble has discovered a new moon around Pluto. It is just a speck of light in the images Hubble sends back.

The moon is irregular in shape and between 10 and 25 km across. It is assumed to be in the same plane as Pluto’s other moons at about 95,000 km from Pluto.

This new discovery gives clues about Pluto’s formation and evolution. That favoured theory is that all moons are relics of a collision between Pluto and another kuiper belt object.

NASA space probe called new Horizons is en route to Pluto with a high-speed flyby scheduled for 2015. This will return the first-ever detailed images of Pluto, which even Hubble can’t make out.

New Moon around Pluto

New Moon around Pluto

The middle dot is Pluto the green ring around the white dot is the new moon.

The Best Image of Pluto

The Best Image of Pluto

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  1. Autumn says:

    How about Solar System Scope’s image of Pluto, not that one.

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