Commercial Spacecraft Docks with the Space Station for the First Time

Space X has recently launched its Falcon 9 rocket and docked its dragon ship to the International space Station (ISS).

This is the first time a commercial spaceship has joined with the space station.

Spaceflights take a major boost from this as the ISS requires constant resupply and is in continual need of resupply since retirement of the space shuttle. This flight may even increase funding for similar programs.

The space station though is expensive and questions on its retirement have been brought up so this may eventually not be economically feasible. Future space science at this time is uncertain as the ISS requires massive funding to keep it going.

The spacecraft will eventually lead to further space exploration it is hoped.

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  1. Gershom says:

    I am surprised that the US Media has panned this story. Space X and other ventures are this nation’s future in space and yet hardly anyone knows that this is happening. More interest amongst the public is needed.

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