Low Carbon Technologies Will Not Bring Bill Rises

Claims that the costs of wind farms, solar panels and other low carbon technology use will lead to sharp rises in bills are wrong, and they do absolutely nothing good for our society.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Just recently, the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) explained that, against the preposterous claims of some,the increase in bills over the past few years was largely caused by higher gas costs, and has nothing to do with renewable energy technology.

Members concluded that indeed, green policies might add only $150 per household per year by 2020, but on the other hand, this is greatly outweighed by the benefits, which could over $1500 per year; you do the math.

Underfloor Heating Pipes

Underfloor Heating Pipes

CCC chief executive David Kennedy said the committee had analysed the impact of technology including onshore and offshore wind, carbon capture and storage, as well as other fewer discussed measures, such as solar water heating, loft and wall cavity insulation,etc.

In November, a startling number of people started claiming that low-carbon technologies will drive bills to ‘astronomical levels’, which is untrue and misleading. Furthermore, delaying these measures will also lead to other negative side effects. For example, a study performed by Professor John Hills found that 2.700 people died each year only from problems linked to fuel poverty.

Written by Andrei Mihai, from ZME Science.

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  1. pzetti says:

    Although no rise, I think low carbon technologies are great. The air outside would smell much nicer.

  2. Mephane says:

    While the tech itself might not cause increased prices for energy, many of the involved companies are already out there claiming how renewable energy sources are expensive and they will “unfortunately” have to rise prices. It does not matter whether such rises are technically justified, but the companies have proven time and time again that they will use every opportunity to have us pay more, regardless whether the costs on their end have actually risen by the same amount or at all.

    We *will* pay more, simply because maximizing profits demands it. This is also why saving energy, water etc. on a collective scale will never lead to saving money. The companies will rise the prices until we pay the same amount of money for less of the good delivered. Otherwise their revenues would be falling, and in our current economic system that is bordering on catastrophe for any company, no matter how healthy it actually still is.

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