Carnival of Space 219

Hello and welcome to this weeks carnival of space. If you fancy contributing and have a blog or website to do with space then please follow this  guide on how to participate in the carnival of space which as you can see is well worth it. Even if you have a small blog please contribute.

Discovery News brings to the carnival of space an article on sex in space. Sex in space might be a headline grabber, but should humans venture into the space between the stars, having sex will be the least of our concerns.

Cheap Astronomy talks about the European Space Agency’s plan for an asteroid deflection test.

The Space Show talks to Josh Hopkins of Lockheed Martin who back to the show to address specific issues concerning a human mission to either Mars, Phobos, or Deimos.



Dream about space, make a video and enter to win an iPad 2. The Coalition for Space Exploration is hosting this video/blogging contest. The deadline is Oct. 17th

The Chandra blog’s spotlight on Archives Month continues with “An Observatory At Your Fingertips

The Saturday nearest his birthday on November 9th has become the official sort of Carl Sagan Day as it will be this year on November 12th. To this end, we here at Astroguyz thought to ourselves; wouldn’t it be great to celebrate all things Carl with a Cosmos marathon?

Carl Sagan

Carl Sagan

The ESA’s Venus Express reports the discovery of Ozone in Venus’ atmosphere from Urban Astronomer.

Venus Has an Ozone Layer

Venus Has an Ozone Layer

This is your chance to share your original, out-of-this-world take on the future of space exploration—in three minutes or less. Where will we go? What will we discover? Submit your video by November 3, 2011 and we’ll choose ONE winner.

This post is the 5th part of a series of posts from Vega00 which explain the main features of the Jupiter moons. In this post it’s the volcanic moon Io [In Spanish]

The Meridiani journal reports about Polygonal features on Cape York that indicate that the Opportunity rover is now very close to a deposit of the long sought-after clay minerals already identified from orbit by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter.

Latest Eye Candy from Cassini From universe today.  A look at some of the latest eye-popping, gorgeous images from the Saturn system.

Plans for a Steam powered Ship in Space by Habitation Intention and the use of a 100 year starship to explore Kant’s Hypothetical and Categorical Imperatives as applied to space.

Harold White’s presentation on warp drive from the 100 year Starship symposium by The Next Big Future. Also a map of the Moon combining observations in visible and ultraviolet wavelengths shows a treasure trove of areas rich in Titanium ores.

Astroblogger posts on images and reports of the recent unsuccessful quest to find the remnants of comet elenin.

Professors and researchers from ASU’s School of Earth and Space play a significant role with six NASA missions and one European Space Agency mission, and have left their mark throughout the solar system from Dear Astronomer

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  2. Samantha says:

    I like this website it gives me what i need for my science project, thanks.

  3. Chris Dann says:

    Thanks Samantha. I am glad that my site is of some use to you.

  4. I think closed volumes effecting spacetime curvature is more likely than just mass. A recent post about NASA finding a strange “cavity” in spacetime seems to suggest a possible implosion. Please check out my blog and leave any comments either way you go on this. I have queried NASA and the Hubble institute.


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