Carnival of Space 213

Vegaoo posts about the relation between the entropy from the Sun and the life on the Earth [In Spanish]

This post by the Lounge of the Lab Lemming estimates the probability of finding a solar system like ours based on the Kepler planetary candidate database.

Kepler Telescope

Kepler Telescope

Nuclear fission reactors in space? Think less “building sized” and more “suitcase sized.” by Discovery News.

Centauri Dreams looks at a recent article in Science News on  developments in solar sail technology,

A Solar Sail

A Solar Sail

A simple, back yard illustration by Astroblogger about why the disintegration of comet Elenin willl not affect the earth.

Universe Today talks with Ian Musgrave from Astroblog about the disintegration of Comet Elenin. Includes images from several photographers of the latest views of this comet. And no, this comet STILL won’t affect Earth.

Aartscope writes about two of the favorites of amateur astronomers  - comets and supernova which are in full flight this week with 2011fe Supernova in M101 topping out the week at Mag 10.5 and still brightening. Also comet Garradd continues to brighten with this latest stunning image from Astroswanny showing its display. Both are now in reach from small telescopes and possibly binoculars as well.

Air and space has a series of postings considering selecting the Moon or an asteroid for the next manned mission

NASA is assessing Abandoning the space station for a time by having the crew leave on two docked Soyuz craft. This will increase the risk of the station being lost if an unlucky chain of bad events happens. The system could start tumbling if a crew was not on it to apply corrections and there was a failure with remote systems to allow for correction. By The Next Big Future.

The Next Big Future describes how it would be easy to capture near earth objects and put them into orbits around the earth for easy mining. Some candidate objects need only 410 meter per second change in velocity for capture if done at the best time for least effort and also a post on the  progress to a suitcase size nuclear generator for moon and mars space missions

An ancient star, in the constellation of Leo (The Lion), called SDSS J102915+172927 has astrophysicists scratching their heads, calling for a rethinking of the theory concerning star formation. By ZME Science.

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    How does it go ? “Yo” – just a comment that the Astroblogger is Ian Musgrave – your two separate paragraphs on Comet Elenin read like it’s two separate people.

    Thanks as always for the Carnival of reading !!

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