Carnival of Space 181

The Carnival of space this time covers a wide range of subjects from a wide range of blogs. I’d better get on with it then …

First off 21st Century Waves asks why “Earth like” is used in respect to so many exoplanets and the definitions of a so-called Earth like planet. If you want to look for exoplanets yourself then Astroblog shows you how the citizen participation in astronomy projects has been extended from Galaxy zoo, moon zoo and a few other zoos to “planet hunters”.

Planet Hunters Lightcurve

Planet Hunters Lightcurve

If you need a break from reading then these images from AARTscope Blog of Scheila will do the trick. If you don’t know what Scheila is then go and have a look. A review of a book about the moon from out of the cradle may keep you busy over the Christmas period especially if you get the book.

Jumping from the moon to Mars The Road to Endeavour Gives us an update on the Mars rover opportunity which is at the crater Santa Maria’s rim. Some nice images are included but in the future colour images will be available from opportunity as long as they don’t get lost in the post.

Mars Rover Curiosity

Mars Rover Curiosity

At Dr. Schenk’s 3D House of Satellites you can see a new view of Tethys while Urban Astronomer details the possible ice volcanoes that have been seen by Cassini on Titan. This could be a good sign for life. that nicely brings me to Weird Sciences which looks at the possibility of alien artefacts in our solar system. weird sciences also looks at negative energy and ways of beating the speed of light while not annoying Einstein.

Science backstage posts two videos one of Soyuz docking with the International space Station and the other about an astronaut called Paolo. What will happen to the shuttle’s when they are retired? Check out the details at collect space.

The next big future considers how  a taxi and commuter service could be rolled out in the San Francisco Bay area. This is with the assumption that automated suburban air vehicles will be ready by 2015 and their low noise and fuel efficient systems will benefit the environment.

Supernova Remnant and Neutron Star

Supernova Remnant and Neutron Star

Ever wondered about the story behind gamma ray bursts? Simostronomy takes us through a new piece of research which sheds more light on the subject & Vega 0.0 carries on its introduction to cosmology series with number five being on parallax. It’s in Spanish but can be easily translated.

Discovery News Gives us the opportunity to build a neutron star at home. Well, not quite, but the story of how some physicists have artificially made neutron star material is detailed. A good way to end this carnival of space is with a bang with cheap astronomy’s podcast on black holes part one and part two.

Part 1->[podcast][/podcast]
Part 2->[podcast][/podcast]

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  3. Eric says:

    Pictured is rover “Curiosity” not “Opportunity”.

  4. chrdann says:

    Thanks Eric I have changed it.

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