Good Evidence for Life on Saturn’s Moon Titan

The Cassini spacecraft has noticed on Titan, Saturn’s moon, that hydrogen molecules flow down through the atmosphere and disappear when they reach the surface (Icarus Journal). Also the hydrocarbons on the surface of Titan have been mapped and show that there is a lack of acetylne (Journal of geophysical research).

The lack of acetylne could show that it is being used as a food source and therefore an energy source for life.

The missing hydrogen points to it being consumed just like oxygen on Earth possibly by life as well.

This will be groundbreaking news if it occurred but scientists need to go through every other possibility before definitely saying that it is life. For instance, there are complex chemical reactions going on on the surface of Titan This could be one reason.

If this does turn out to be life then it will be good news as we would know that life exists elsewhere and that it exists in many forms not depending on water and oxygen.

For the full facts on the new evidence for life try the Cassini website itself.

Saturn Sunset

Satrn's Sunset

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  1. well i think that in titan may be we found life but we have to have better technology like spacecrafts that they can stall in titan more that 1 month and study it good,not half of an hour.

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