Carnival of Space 154- Atlantis, Mars, Fire and Beyond

It’s been a while since I last posted the Carnival of space. Well, it’s here again the very best of the space community websites all on one site.

Fancy living on Mars? I think there are a lot of people that would probably say yes. Their stay would probably be quite short today but what about tomorrow? Bruceleeeowe’s blog has a very interesting and in-depth look at the big question for future residents … are we going to colonise it?

Mars still has that resident Rover roaming around on its surface. The road to endeavour has a few nice images of some Martian hills that opportunity is slowly rolling towards.



As I write this post the space shuttle Atlantis makes it’s  last normal docking with the International space Station. For some background information on this shuttle launch and the history of the shuttle Atlantis universe today has a post to take you back down memory lane.

Out of the cradle has a great article on how the writer, Rob Wilson, was a VIP for a space shuttle launch as a guest of NASA. This is probably the closest you’ll get to a space shuttle launch other than being part of the shuttle crew or team.

If you fancy going even further down memory lane then take a long read of beyondApollo’s recent post on a probe that was made to investigate the Earth’s atmosphere. This was rightly named FIRE (flight investigation re-entry environment). I’m sure that NASA has a special board for working out names for probes and rockets and that’s where 99% of the funding goes.

For a more generalised view of the history of the space race and future prospects of how we are going to get off this rock and explore other rocks the robot guy has written an in-depth post on everything from Sputnik to the present day.

As always there is an interesting podcast from cheap astronomy this time on multiple payloads. Well worth subscribing to.

There has been a lot of discussion about future space exploration recently. The next big future has a post on the VASIMR rocket which could be a possibility for exploring the solar system and more and more and more…



Voyager 2 which is an old Grandad spacecraft compared to Atlantis continues to streak away into the universe. Unfortunately it developed a fault and has gone into trouble shooting mode. To learn a lot more on this problem hop over to Centauri dreams.

I currently posted on NASA’s Chandra x-ray Observatory and ESA’s XMM-Newton’s discovery of a large amount of gas along a wall shaped structure of galaxies about 400 million light years away. This is the full account of that discovery.

We have a greenhouse effect and so does Venus. Unfortunately, there is always somebody to bring up some completely ridiculous idea and as you might have guessed there is a community that is trying to prove that Venus doesn’t enjoy growing tomatoes in its greenhouse . Forget the tomatoes and take a look at why Venus does have a greenhouse effect.

I just love Titan don’t you? This moon of Saturn is so similar to Earth that some of the pictures that are sent back by Cassini and Huygens are just astounding. There is always new and interesting information to read about Titan and the planetary Society present a post on an hypothesis that is explored in the “radar-bright channels on Titan” paper just published by Icarus. I am not going to tell you more, you’ll just have to go have a look yourself.

Titan River

Titan River

Recently a star has been ejected from its home cluster and one of the actual scientists talk about this discovery in the post from weareallinthegutter.

Most people see the world and the universe as a non-changing entity. This is obviously not true but it looks like some of the fundamental constants of physics such as the speed of light, strength of gravity and the mass of a certain particle change with time. This is one of the news articles on discovery News.

I am not sure that things changing with time is bad news for all of us but discoverery news again brings us bad news about a television event that is just not going to happen because of a rogue satellite.

A sceptical article by the urban astronomer on the reversal of the poles tries to put down the pseudoscience element of the world by actually explaining what the reversal of the poles actually is and what it could mean to us. Obviously it must mean that if you want to go to Australia you just buy a ticket for Iceland if you’re in the UK … doesn’t it?

Ever heard of the Messier Marathon? Whether you have or you haven’t an interesting post on it is from Steve’s Astrocorner.

What’s an art gallery doing on the Carnival of space? Well, that’s a simple question isn’t it? It’s all about space!

Shattered Dreams

Shattered Dreams

And lastly if you fancy going shopping (“shopping, don’t even talk to me about shopping”) then the space writer’s ramblings has a post on a recent visit to Germany where a very strange mall art display was found.

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