Carnival Of Space #123

Normally I write an article on physics or space but sometimes I will be going through a few links of a few blogs that are quite good for all sorts of things about space and physics. This is called a carnival and if you look on the Internet you’ll find a lot of other links to blogs that have done the same thing.

There have been a  few going ons in our solar system lately one of which was the Russians blasting off to the International space station (ISS). Onboard was a clown (a very rich one) and Collectspace tells the story.

Docking with the international space station went well and now the clown  orbits us. Orbital Hub has the actual video of  the docking of The Soyuz TMA 16 spacecraft, carrying Jeff Williams, Maxim Suraev, and Guy Laliberté.

Soyuz docking

Soyuz docking

Something a little bit more serious on the station are the ways countries are using the vacuum properties and unique position of the ISS to make money. Commercial Space is focused on the Canadian money making ideas available.

Cosmic log previews Hubble 3D, this is  due to premier next March in super-screen Imax theaters, and is shaping up as a fitting sendoff for the world’s best-known telescope as well as the most complicated flying machine ever built.

Perhaps you are starting to fancy looking up and searching for the ISS or the Hubble? . It is up there you know but so is a lot of other interesting stuff. Using your eves and looking up is a start but there is a lot more to it. Cheap Astronomy is a great place to start and keeps the maximum cost below $300, a bargain.

[podcast] podcast.mp3[/podcast]

For some personal insights and experiences of a stargazer try Steve’s Astro Corner.

Galileo telescope

Looking up

The Planetary Society looks up as well and has a nice list of what’s happening in October in the solar system with detailed information. This site also has an interesting podcast. The Messenger spacecraft is mentioned and is also mentioned in a few other blogs and so it should be after flying all that way without even a good book. The photos of Mercury produced by Messenger are well worth a look. Astroinfo has some images with some personal observations as does Visual Astronomy.

Lets not forget the rest of the solar system in particular Titan. Cassini has been doing a great job and Aartscope has some pictures and a explanation of Billabong if you’re interested (that wild animal that roams Australia just like the Haggis does here in Scotland).



Mars is always in the news and 21st Century Waves discusses the need for a fast rocket. The Mars science laboratory is the next big rover to get thrown at Mars and The Martian Chronicles delves into the detail about the rover.

Cumbrian Sky gives yet more proof that the moon landings did occur and yes there still are people that can’t think of anything else to conspire about. Check this blog for a load of good info.

Centauri Dreams takes a more distant look at the dots way out there.  The way we could get to the stars is covered here and the problems involved. Great site for forward looking people and realists of the 31st century. Next Big Future also looks forward but at many dfferent areas. Spacetravel, Nanotechnology and at the moment the space elevator.

Last but definitely not at the bottom of the pile is Out of the Cradle, where Ken discusses the recent fixation on finding a ”compelling reason” to send humans into space, and finds a connection with a recent article in the Moon Miner’s Manifesto.

Well that’s a load of reading to do I hope you enjoy everyone’s blog.

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