Are There Other Universes Just Beyond Our Fingertips?

Parallel universes have always been used in science fiction as a great tool, but, as science fiction has a funny way of turning into fact (see Arthur C. Clark’s predictions) having parallel universes is getting very close to being a fact although they are theory at the moment.

But how can our universe (or the one we are in at the moment) exist at the same time as another one? Would the other universe be a mirror image of this universe or would it have the same stuff in it but the stuff act differently from what we are experiencing now?

One theory that supports the existence of parallel universes is the many worlds theory. To understand this it might be best to read one of my previous posts on quantum physics. This theory says that measuring a quantum object does not force it into one state or another. Instead, a measurement taken of a quantum object causes a split in the universe. The universe is duplicated, splitting into one universe for each possible outcome from the measurement.

Parallel Universes

Parallel Universes

This means that if there is more than one outcome then those other outcomes are happening in other universes. Even if you don’t take any action and there is more than one outcome, the other outcomes will occur in the other universes.

If you were driving along in your Ferrari (or second-hand rust bucket in my case) and somebody stood  in front of you and you managed to swerve and go around them saving the paint on your car, in one other universe your paint would have been scratched and more importantly in one other again you would have run the person over killing them.

On the other hand if you had killed somebody in this universe then you could console yourself, I suppose, that in another universe that person would be alive. Perhaps some of the worst dictators are reading this in the other universes and consoling themselves over the people that they killed or perhaps the ones that didn’t kill anybody are feeling very guilty about the dictators that did?

When you look at the bigger events like wars then you can take this line of thought anywhere really, wouldn’t it be nice to change universes before a nuclear war?

Another disturbing aspect of the Many-Worlds interpretation is that it scares the hell out of our concept of time as linear. Imagine a time line showing the history of World War 1. Normally a straight line showing  events going forward is shown but a time line based on the Many-Worlds interpretation would show each possible outcome of each action taken. This is now what would be shown on the time line.

If the many worlds theory is correct then some bright spark in another universe has worked out how to detect other universes and is about to contact us. Perhaps they would wait until we knew a bit more about parallel universes or perhaps we need to know more to make a connection?



The many worlds theory get its theory from the quantum level, but another field of physics believes that the quantum level is not the smallest level. This other area of physics has come up with the idea of parallel universes as well. This even smaller level, smaller even than our quantum toy, has the name string theory.

String theory says that the essential building blocks of matter as well as the physical forces in the universe, like gravity, exist on a level smaller and below quantum level called a subquantum level. These building blocks resemble tiny rubber bands or strings that make up quantum particles called quarks, and in turn electrons, and atoms, and cells and so on and yes even us.

Exactly what kind of matter is created by the strings and how that matter behaves depends on the vibration of these strings. It is in this manner that our entire universe is made up. and according to string theory, this  takes place across 11 separate dimensions.

String theory says that universes exist in bubbles that can come into contact with each other, unlike the many worlds theory and that gravity can flow between them. When they come into contact with each other a “big bang” is produced just like the one that produced this universe. So let’s hope that we are not about to come into contact with another universe.

Machines have been made that can detect quantum matter but nothing has detected strings yet. Detecting quantum

The Universe?

The Universe?

matter doesn’t prove that other universes exist as in the many worlds theory it is impossible to detect the other universes. String theory remains also remains theoretical so parallel universes are theoretical.

So what could having loads of universes mean? The first thing that comes to mind are black  holes. Black holes suck  in matter and even light can’t escape. Where does all this matter go? Well it could go into producing another universe. The matter could come out the other side of the black hole in what some people call a white hole.

This could actually be the start of another universe and our universe could come from a white hole. So as matter is going and producing another universe perhaps one day we will be able to go with it and travel to other universes. The only problem is that you might get a bit squashed to say the least.

If there were infinite universes  then if you wanted to learn a musical instrument you could just travel to another universe where you could play that instrument well and learn from your other self. On the other hand you could just do a swap and send your other self back to the universe that your original self came from, though there doesn’t seem much point in that!

I wonder if this meeting of two different “yous” would cause any reactions? Perhaps this is what causes a universe to be started or perhaps the universes dont react at all.

If I had the opportunity I just couldn’t resist jumping around a few different universes and seeing what was going on although if they were all duplicates I think I might get pretty bored.

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  1. Fenny Lopez says:

    This is quite fascinating, i have some demented thoughts of what “if” scenarios coursing through my mind of what I should, would and could have done, what if that is the memory of another me from a different universe, the origin of regret? No one really knows what is thought made up of, and they cannot entirely be our waking experience either, some thoughts and pictures are far too bizarre to be translated to my everyday life. I stand with the theories of other universes as multiverse.

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  3. Nordicstar says:

    This presents some things I have theorized myself for quite a log time. What if what some psychics refer to as past lives is actually a parallel life? What if some writers of fiction are actually channeling and receiving images and information in their sleep of other universes and unconsciously writing those images out as stories with the notion they have completely made the characters up or created them? I’m not saying all fiction is created this way; but, what if some of it is? What if we’re being written as fictitious characters in another universe at this very moment? Perhaps I have a parallel life where I am one of the fictitious characters from our literature. Maybe somebody reading this is. Or; perhaps you or I happen to be some famous person from history in another universe that we read about in this one. Maybe the governments of the World know about these things and they aren’t telling us. People have made comments about UFO’s and space aliens for years…but.. what if it goes much much deeper than that. What if the Alien thing is a cover for the fact that there are multiple universes and that our governments are well aware of this and have traversed them. The only way to cover something so sensational up would be with another sensational story….about Aliens. While multiple universes would also deal with Aliens…The United States government might be covering both Aliens and the existence of multiple universes up. On the other hand.. different governments might deal with the different issues. The US government along with the Russians might be dealing with the space Aliens while…I don’t know.. maybe the Scandinavian governments like Sweden and Norway could be dealing with the Multiple universes and travel to and from them. There are thousands of possibilities…. each having different outcomes. There might even be a system in which people in multiple universes work together. The possibilities are endless. Maybe each of us has a primary existence ( a universe where we’re the happiest) and other existences branching out from there.. all at once….. Maybe a place where we’re the happiest…a place we love the most is where we live in our primary existence. These people we see as crazy…who think they
    re fictional characters, animals, or something to that degree are living with their consciousness in the wrong existence. Then; there is the concept of both dimensions and planes being intermixed into the multiverse with each universe in the multiverse being connected by the known dimensions and planes. Finding a way into the 4rth and 5th dimensions using some sort of energy could possibly give us a way to travel from one universe to the next. If you want to stay in another universe for a while; enter the 3rd dimension in that universe. These are all my own theories…..maybe I have actually done this in another universe….

  4. chrdann says:

    I agree with most of your comment but a UFO bit is used in everything nowadays. I am starting to think that a UFO has grown legs and is following me everywhere (of course, it’s invisible when I look!).

    if you are going to get really paranoid why not say that everything that you see around you doesn’t really exist?

  5. Nordicstar says:

    Because I am not paranoid. Actually; not only is it fascinating; but, the ideas I presented above are a wonderful and hopeful scenario in theory waiting to be discovered. Everything and everybody DOES exist. I would not be telling the truth if I said otherwise. However; things exist in a different way than you perceive; or that any of us perceives. This is merely something that we’re not even close to understanding yet. Or…are we? Governments and scientific communities tend to practice conspiring to cover such matters up for personal gain and power while the masses suffer and are left in the dark.

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  7. Torbjörn Larsson, OM says:

    Or, since the universe is likely infinite (because it is flat), the finite amount of matter in the visible universe will mean (an infinite number of) clone universes à la Tegmark.

    The physics in the article however has more faults than one can shake a stick at. Some samples:

    - Many world theory doesn’t predict other universes, but other worlds. These worlds correlate, but there can be no causal signaling between.

    - String theory as such doesn’t predict other universes, but all theories that permit selection rules on the vacuum, such as inflation (standard cosmology), string theory, et cetera. Exactly how two bubble universes interacts needs to be worked out, but a “big bang” isn’t exactly it, even if reheating should happen.

    - Black holes are singularities in this universe, not connected with other universes. “White holes” has AFAIU been rejected long since.

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